Wednesday, January 6, 2010

2010..Here We Come!

So today was my first semi-not-good day of the year (not bad for only being the 5th!)
But I just wanted to wish everyone a HAPPY New YEAR..annnnd with my free time did some "lovely little lauren" searching and stumbled upon this blog:
OH how cute!!! And kinda like me? Whatcha think? Anywho..I went to get my inspection sticker changed..and the old guy (gotta love 'em!) that did it saw a certain exercise thing in my back seat and asked "Got a New Year's reasolution?" pointing at the machine. "No", I said, "that's not for me"..I actually didn't make a single one. Didn't even WANT to, at all, not even a little bit! I think that's the first time? And I'm happy with not making one..but it makes me feel a little weird, because you're supposed to have one, and I always have, and yet I have no desire whatsoever to do so, and I'm not quite sure why that is. Maybe it's because I'm afraid of failure? AND/or maybe it's because I was watching SoapNet (!?!? One Tree Hill reruns come on during the week people!) and some soap star when asked what her resolution was said something like this: "I don't need one..Life is good-Why change it?" And I totally loved it! I mean I cannot even express how blessed I've felt recently, really and truly. Annnd while on my most enjoyable mini-vacay to the hizzy (yes, I really did just refer to our house as the hizzy!) in Hattie(sburg that is, but we're just on a first name basis like that) me and my boyfriend were just having a blast spending time together and a certain familiar song came into my head, and I don't think the words were ever truer before (cheesy, but LOVEly alert!:)
These are the moments I thank God that I'm alive
These are the moments I'll remember all my life
I found all I've waited for
And I could not ask for more
Looking in your eyes
Seeing all I need
Everything you are is everything to me
These are the moments
I know heaven must exist
These are the moments I know all I need is this..
I could not ask for more than this time together
I could not ask for more than this time with you
Every prayer has been answered
Every dream I have's come true
And right here in this moment is right where I'm meant to be
Here with you here with me

Anyways, this post ended up being longer than I had thought it would be, but here's some inspirational material I stole while blog stalking such an adorable (or shall I say LOVELY?) blog by another Lauren (see her blog for further credits, mostly :)Etsy:

I thought this was kind of going along with the former I was saying about failing, ANNND I watched What I Hate About Me on the Style network tonight..and there was a girl just like me who ALWAYS apologized..and they got to the root of it and found that she basically apologized for being herself, which is how I feel sometimes..and they trained her to NEVER apologize for who she is..GOOD ADVICE!!!

And this one kinda goes along with what I was saying about how great life is :)

Ditto to the first thing I was saying..

Annnd lastly, (w/even some New Year's-lookin' decor, a favorite poster of mine, slightly dressed up a bit;):

"Life isn't about finding yourself, it's about CREATING yourself"-my bff sent this to me in a text, and it's been a favorite of mine as well for quite some time, but she told me to put it in my quote book, and as of yet, I haven't, but I will! It's soooo true! Annnd if you aren't happy with your life, then do, by all means, change it NOW!!! NOW is the time! Buuuut I can honestly say that I really could not ask for more in this point in my life.

I hope everyone had a Happy New Year's and wish everyone an amazing year!!!
LOVE, Lauren :)