Wednesday, January 6, 2010


so I think I'm totally happy with my layout...for now :) You can check out the place I got it from to the right-Blog Makeover! Anyways..through an endless trail of blog hunting..I came across this (annnd since I've newly made the theme of my blog this: Create.Inspire.Share.Learn) and just HAD to's too cute!! First, through my blog layout place, I came across this blog about doing things for your hubby on the cheap:
annnd through her posts came across a totally sweet and funny proposal just so LOVEly that I HAD. to. SHARE!!!:
Click on the THIS and THIS links in the post..totally adorable!
Anywho..that's today's LOVEly find :)
annnd that made me stumble upon this LOVEly site:
check it out..if you wish-KA-UTE baking ideas..kinda like Martha Stewart?
LOVE, Lovely little Lauren :)

p.s.-those were links up there, but they're not anymore (sorry!) after all of the changes I've made, anyone know how to make them work again?